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Breast Surgery Specialist

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If you have a breast disease, such as a malignant or benign tumor, you can trust board-certified general surgeon Lambert Abeyatunge, MD, FACS, FRCS, FRCSC, FICS, and his highly trained team at Integrative Therapies of Las Vegas & Med Spa LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada, with your care. They offer breast surgery, including tissue biopsies and fat transfer to correct breast defects. Schedule a consultation online or over the phone to learn more.

Breast Surgery Q & A

What is breast surgery?

If you require breast surgery because of a breast disease, such as a malignant or benign lump in your breast, Dr. Abeyatunge, and his highly skilled surgical team might recommend a biopsy to remove the tumor and test it for cancer. They can correct imperfections caused by breast biopsies using fat transfer or other surgical procedures.

Is breast surgery right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for breast surgery, Dr. Abeyatunge and his team review your personal and family medical history and ask about symptoms you might have. They complete a comprehensive physical examination, including a breast exam. 

Symptoms that may indicate you need a breast biopsy include:

  • Crusting
  • Dimpling breast tissue
  • Areola or nipple changes
  • Scaling
  • Bloody discharge

If you or your doctor feels a lump in your breast or Dr. Abeyatunge detects a lump after a mammogram, he might recommend you undergo a breast biopsy to remove the lump and detect or rule out breast cancer. He might recommend breast surgery to correct tissue deformities after a biopsy or another medical procedure.

What should I expect during breast surgery?

Follow Dr. Abeyatunge’s instructions before breast surgery to ensure everything goes smoothly. When you arrive for your procedure, he numbs the treatment area, so you don’t feel any pain and offers a sedative to relax you. He performs some breast surgeries under general anesthesia. During the procedure, you can expect:

Breast biopsies

During a breast biopsy, Dr. Abeyatunge numbs the treatment area and removes fluid or tissue samples from your breast. He might use imaging technology during the procedure to achieve optimal precision and accuracy.

After your biopsy, Dr. Abeyatunge sends tissue or fluid samples to a lab for analysis. He reviews the results when they arrive to let you know if the sample tested is cancerous and requires further treatment.

Fat transfer procedures

If you have breast defects after a biopsy or other surgical procedure, Dr. Abeyatunge offers fat transfer to correct deformities and the overall appearance of your breasts. He might remove fat from other parts of your body using liposuction and transfer the fat into the breast tissue. Doing so can make your breasts appear fuller and more symmetrical.

If you’re unhappy with breast defects or have a suspicious lump in your breast, call Integrative Therapies of Las Vegas & Med Spa LLC, or book an appointment online to find out if breast surgery is right for you.